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Stage 2: Investigation

If your complaint has already been through the department's procedures and is about a matter that we can investigate, then we will begin an investigation.

First, we ask each department to provide a report into their handling of your complaint and the reasons for their decisions. In most cases, we will share the report with you, and give you the opportunity to comment on it.

Then, we review your complaint and all the relevant evidence alongside the department's papers, guidelines and procedures.

During our investigation, we may find that we need to obtain further information or evidence from you before the Adjudicator can reach her decision.

In these circumstances, a meeting can sometimes be the simplest and most effective way to take things forward. If we think a meeting with you (or your representative) would be useful, we will write to you about arranging one.

Stage 1: When we receive your complaint

Stage 2: Investigation

Stage 3: Resolution

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